Styling, Performance and Tuning

About Manhart Racing

The Manhart Racing-Team can look back to 25 years of experience in dealing with the optimization of BMW vehicles in which a unique wealth of know-how has been acquired. Manhart Racing has always turned its attention on the refinement of vehicles from the BMW M-GmbH.
The optimization of the power to weight ratio through technology swaps and engine transplants has become the trademark of the company. The engineers from Manhart Racing have equipped vehicles like the E30, E46 or E90 M3 with engines intended for much bigger models such as the 5.0L V10 from the M5 E60. Of course each transplanted engine undergoes a thorough performance upgrade and the chassis are equipped with bigger brakes, suspension and exhaust systems.

The quality of work that the engineers from Manhart Racing provide is of such a high standard that even BMW professionals only recognize at the second look that a completely different engine has taken the place of the original one. Also, the initial diagnostic capability of each vehicle remains. Of course besides engine transplants and comprehensive modifications Manhart Racing also offers performance kits for non-M BMW models and Diesel-engined vehicles. Another Manhart Racing core competence is the development, production and distribution of weight-optimized performance products. The product portfolio ranges from carbon parts and high-grade exhaust systems to fully adjustable suspension setups and perfectly fitted wheel/tire combinations.